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Currently writing in Hindi with Sarcasm.  For Criticisms please visit  Vivek Umrao’ Traveler Box


Social Governance
Social Ownership, Social Capital Vs Virtual Economy, Virtual Capital: Introductory Views
Social Corporate: An Introductory View
Proposed Changes in Indian Governance Systems
Understanding of Universal Soul: Aim of Yog & Spirituality (Hindi)
Communalism, Socialism, Democracy, Imperialism: Marx, Lenin, Mao, Gandhi etc. (Hindi)
Social Movements (Hindi)
Higher Education: Relevance of Premier Professional Institutes of India (Hindi)
Why does India need Social Education Systems? (Hindi)
Child Labour
What does India need for Transformation? Electoral Politics or Live Sources………….
Other articles on various social issues.


As I Am (Mai Jaisa Hoo) (Hindi)
Particles of Sand (Ret ke Kan) (Hindi)
Intellectuality vs Emotionality (Bauddhikta vs Bhavukta) (Hindi)
Characters of Political Power Centres (Rajnaitik Satta Kendro ke Charitra) (Hindi)


Sharing of personal experiences of Social Activism.  Please visit at  Vivek Umrao’ Social Diary (at present no post in english for hindi please visit Vivek Umrao’s Social Diary (Hindi))


Thousands of rare photographs of Flood Disasters, Fire Disasters, Mass Gatherings, Foot Marches, Social Activities, Tourist Places, Cultural and Mass Violence.
(Many photos are available in various sites of Internet)

Ground Reports:

Documentary on Bihar Flood- 2008. Videos, photos and interviews were taken by staying about 8 weeks in Flood suffered areas of Bihar from September to November 2008. Flood came in end night of 18th August 2008.
(Some Videos are available in Internet)

Website Designing:

www.localgovernance.org and sub-websites of it.