Social Economy, Social Capital vs Virtual Economy, Virtual Capital

We believe that all the basic needs of human beings to stay alive, are produced by common society since the beginning of society. Capital was produced by common society and still it is produced by common society. In current market systems there is no accountability towards common society. The Current market and various centralized power centres are playing with the whole society by defining Economy, Education, Market, Development, Profit, Skills, Communication, Values and Management by using speedy but Virtual Economic Systems. By these speedy but Virtual Economic Systems, the inhumane market systems are able to spread far but superficially without having any concern with ground realities.

Current market systems are talking for Entire Economic Development, Social Welfare and Total Development. However, what are  the realities of the current market systems? Human Beings need food, clothes and houses for their basic needs. However, the majority of consumers of current market systems are too busy in virtual wants that they have forgotten from where we are getting things of our basic needs. Humans are now being termed as Consumers. Communities are being termed as big, small, or emerging markets. Consumers can buy food and clothes without having any concern about the identity of the producer. Consumers pay a lot, but not for products; they pay for their virtual satisfactions, virtual wants, and these virtual things, are generated psychologically by inhumane market systems just for their Virtual Capital, i.e. Currency. All these markets, so-called economic boost and so-called developments are only for maximum 10% to 15% of total human mass. And this small percentage can not be increased because this 10% to 15 % of total human mass enjoys Capital generated by other 80% to 85 % of total human mass. This 10% to 15 % can become 20% to 25 % or some little more but it cannot become a larger part of the total human mass.

Current market systems create virtual things to sell, psychologically. They also create virtual developments by diverting our concerns from ground realities of major percentage of total human mass by telling us about so-called developments and so-called economic boosts.

Social Welfare and Social Economy can not be developed by Data Presentation, Statistical Charts, Graphs of Stock Exchanges or by projecting information/documents in various virtual or semi-virtual speedy market information systems.

Without having understandings and meanings of Labour, Production, Economy, Profit, Capital, Currency, Development, Market and Welfare, current systems are trying to control all natural and human assets. Virtual Economic Systems depend on Virtual or Semi Virtual Productions related to profit-making market ideas and information-speed tools. Specifically skilled human robots are producing these tools. These persons get much currency because they are primary human tools of current Virtual Economy Systems; thus, these specifically skilled human robots are the complimentary of inhumane market/ economy systems. These inhumane market/economy systems work for the smaller part of total human mass even though they occupy/capture the largest share of natural and social assets by all hooks and crooks including organized & structural violence. Majority of total human mass of the whole earth does not use these productions.

Majority of human robots are working only for virtual or semi-virtual systems. Only to get some currency to satisfy virtual needs, these human robots follow Virtual Economic Systems having no accountabilities and responsibilities to the society. These virtual or semi-virtual productions are being termed as Capital. By this, current economic systems are proving and are generating concepts that market systems are generating Capital.

It is a matter of open and direct mass discussions that any type of market or economy systems have social or moral rights or not, to use largest share of assets for smallest percentages of total human mass. It is also a matter of direct mass discussions that current virtual productions should be termed as products, or not.

The profit-making ideas, profit-making concepts, profit-making techniques of management and current economic systems can not be praised as Economy Development or Social Welfare or Economy Boost. Only Currency is in base of all these ideas, concepts, techniques, management skills and economic systems thus Currency has become most powerful thing. Currency is trying to control all things of society without any accountability to society.

Currency is not Capital because it does not represent work or labour directly. Currency can represent work or labour virtually. Currency cannot be Capital. However, Virtual Economy Systems are empowering currency as Capital to dismiss fundamental rights of society on human and social assets. Market systems are capturing all social capital by empowering currency. Thus who have currency think that they are generating capital and are working hard. Current market systems create these fallacies by virtualization of social capital by killing social accountability.

Society is direct owner of all capital/assets. Various inhumane power centers as political power centers, market power centers, and other power centers damaged Social Ownership to get control over society. Inhumane market/economy systems and unsocial power centers establish many rules, definitions and laws with organized violence to get control over society.

To remove inhuman systems from society, to form a better Earth to live for all human, all of us should work to establish Society Owned Systems. Social Groups, Social Organizations and individuals will be trustees of Social Systems under Direct Social Ownership.

– Written By-
Vivek Umrao


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