Triloki Nath Purwar with Vivek Umrao Glendenning

Sh. T N Purwar ji (Triloki Nath Purwar) is about 90 years old and still very active in Social Activism. He was offered to be Cabinet Minister of India by 3 Indian Prime Ministers Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shashtri and Indira Gandhi but he never accepted any establishment and he never vote. He does not take any government facility being a Freedom Fighter. He does not own any materialistic property. He is unmarried. He was born in very rich family and he left his family in his teenage to join Freedom Struggle of India. He worked with Gandhi and other known personalities of India.

He is working in North East India states for Peaceful Solution. He visits these highly violent states and stays there for months on real ground of high violence.

He walks very fast, he jumps in City Buses of Delhi. He eats only one meal and in morning he has been doing YOG for many hours daily for last many decades.


Vivek Umrao Glendenning

Vivek Umrao Glendenning is a Social Entrepreneur. He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and did Research in Decentralised Energy Systems. He is a Journalist, Editor, Thinker, Author, Scholar and social policy critic & analyst and Media Activist. He has been exploring Social Economy and Participatory Local Governance, True Values of Democracy, Freedom of Expression, Social Accountability of Governments, Indigenous Issues, Conflict Resolution in Violent Areas and Other social issues for more than one decade on ground for the forgotten & non-privileged masses. 


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