150 beds Community Hospital and Nursing & Paramedical College


  • Public Contribution for 150 beds hospital and nursing & paramedical college
  • Construction of the hospital and the college
  • Inauguration of the hospital and the college
  • The hospital and the college

Public contributions to build the 150 beds community hospital and 120 seats nursing & paramedical college in Bihar:
150 beds community-hospital was built without any corporate or government grant. It was built by the contributions by the local people, local communities and individuals. Vivek Umrao Glendenning with his team including Er Dharmendra Kumar, Prafull Chandra Ghosh, Nagendra Singh, Rishidevanand and other did several foot marches covering hundreds of villages in many months for public supports for the hospital and medical college.

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Construction memories of the hospital and the college:

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Inauguration ceremony of the hospital and the college:

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The hospital and the college:




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